Why doesn't the designer send the decoration quota

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Before answering the question, I want to ask: why does the decoration company send you? Have this obligation? As an owner, I have the right to ask others to send you? What is the reason for sending you? Did you pay? Are you God? There seems to be no reason, of course, this is from the perspective of decoration companies. From the perspective of the owner: how can I know how much money you don't send? This is the reason of many owners. You can see. When the budget is made, it is to explain how to do it in the budget, why to do it, and what benefits it has. That's why we offer this price. If I send it to you, can you understand it? After you send it to me, I can sit in the office and compare the prices of all decoration companies. This is probably the root cause of all major budgets. From this point, it can be seen that few owners really understand what decoration is. If they understand it, they will not directly look at the budget. Decoration is a process. There is no specific name, and every house is different. Decoration is not a specific commodity, and the decoration company is not an assembly line production enterprise. Everyone produces a commodity called decoration, and then everyone gives you a price, and then decides which enterprise to talk with when it is appropriate. Decoration is not like selling vegetables. It also sells spinach. I don't care how much you pay, no matter what fertilizer you apply. Your spinach and yours are of the same quality. I only compare the price. You tell me how hard you plant spinach, how much labor you use, and how much fertilizer you spend. This is nonsense. How much do you sell this dish. Can I buy decoration like this? What kind of workers are used to brush the wall? What putty is used? What latex paint is used? What glue is used? What are the handling methods before doing it? Various factors will determine the difference in price, but you don't understand these. Can you compare them only by looking at the price? Obviously not. Your company is too far away to visit. You can send it directly. It is believed that the decoration workers have heard the calluses of this sentence, which should be unforgettable. This is the pain in the designer's heart. I also believe that the designer's heart is cold when he hears this sentence on the phone. When measuring the room, the owner contacted the designer himself. The designer never complained because it was too hot and the road was too far away. Thinking that he was a service, he had to provide good service. But one foot of respect is worth another. In exchange for what? I don't know whether the owner has thought about it. If you don't have a choice in this decoration company, the designer's labor will not even have a basic return. The designer doesn't have to let you sign a contract. Even if you come to the company to deal with it and find an excuse not to do it after reading the plan, at least the designer is comforted. He (she) will sum up experience and lessons in this service process and make up for mistakes in the future. But if the owner doesn't even come, it's an excuse that the distance is far or there is no time. Is it really far? No matter how far the promotion discount in the building materials market is from the owners, the obvious deceptive promotion is never too far away, because promotion can take advantage. Really no time? Why does the designer have time to measure the room and communicate with the designer on the spot? Because this can get the budget for free? You can send the budget. I have time to receive it, but I don't have time to go to the company to see it. It's not that the decoration company can't afford a free budget, but that it's a matter of dignity and basic politeness. It's too far to know the location of the company before measuring the room, so there's no need to use this means to defraud the budget. Just let it be done near the community, or it's better to have decoration next door





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