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In this era of common sense economy, the competition between door enterprises has risen from the competition of products themselves to the competition of civilization among enterprises. The enterprise civilization shows the cohesion within the whole enterprise. More and more door enterprises have begun to attach great importance to the construction of enterprise civilization. Therefore, grasping the civilized construction of door enterprises is the key to the stable development of door enterprises

the basic intention of building a civilized door brand

through the construction of enterprise civilization, we should unify enterprise thinking, standardize employee behavior, build enterprise vitality, arouse operating enthusiasm, and boost employee confidence. Internally, enhance the cohesion of the team and the efficiency of employees, externally, improve the reputation of the enterprise and attract excellent talents. Further improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and promote the sustained and healthy increase of enterprise performance

the civilized construction of door brands should be people-oriented.

in the whole process of enterprise operation, people play a decisive role, so the civilized construction of door brands should be people-oriented

human resources are the top resources of enterprises. Enterprises rely on science and technology for development, and science and technology innovation depends on talents. The development of enterprises must adhere to the people-oriented and innovative concept, build a humanistic environment, promote humanized management, and rely wholeheartedly on the staff to run enterprises, and the competition between enterprises is ultimately a talent competition. Then the brand building of door industry should start from the following points:

top of the list, establish a fair, equal, competitive and selective shopping mall competition mechanism within the enterprise, and stimulate the motivation of talents to compete for advancement

second, establish a fair evaluation mechanism and strengthen the responsibility and understanding of talents

third, establish an essence oriented education and training mechanism to promote the comprehensive development of employees

fourth, deal with outstanding issues related to the vital interests of employees. As long as the enterprise considers the employees all the time, the enterprise talents can have the power to move forward, provide weak power for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and further promote the development of the enterprise

civilization is the soul of enterprises and the inexhaustible driving force to promote the development of enterprises.

the construction of enterprise civilization of door brand is a long-term "live" that needs careful treatment, and it is progressing in continuous improvement. Before civilized construction, enterprises need to clearly know the intention of civilized construction, and adhere to people-oriented, as long as this can get twice the result with half the effort. Today, when the development of shopping malls encounters a bottleneck, the construction of enterprise civilization of door brands should be placed at the same important height as the construction of enterprise brands, which should be regarded as an indispensable part of enterprise development




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