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Rheinland egger always adheres to the concept of "truth" and "honesty", truly dedicates customized products, leads the spread of home aesthetics, and makes public home life more comfortable and beautiful

Rheinland egger always adheres to the concept of "truth" and "honesty", sincerely dedicates customized products, leads the spread of home aesthetics, and makes public home life more comfortable and beautiful

Rheinland egger is unstoppable, and good news is frequently heard in November. Today, a new member of the Rheinland egger family - Lanzhou city is added. Thank President Cui for his trust and recognition of Rheinland egger. Rheinland egger Lanzhou store will truly offer environmental protection customized products to consumers

Lanzhou City

Lanzhou City, also known as Jincheng, is the capital of Gansu Province, the geometric center of China's land territory, the headquarters of the Lanzhou Military Region of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, and one of China's important railway hubs, where Baotou Lanzhou Railway, Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, Lanzhou Qingdao railway, and Longhai railway intersect

Lanzhou city is surrounded by mountains from north to south, and the Yellow River from east to West passes through the city. With the characteristics of a belt basin City, it is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. On August 28, 2012, the State Council approved the establishment of Lanzhou New Area, the first national new area in Northwest China and the Fifth National New Area in China. The document clearly stated that the construction of Lanzhou New Area should be taken as an important measure to further implement the western development strategy, and Lanzhou should be developed into a modern metropolis in the northwest by 2020

Rheinland egger's entry into Lanzhou marks the further expansion of Rheinland egger's image and influence in the west, and the further stable promotion of Rheinland egger's western layout and development

joining choice

first of all, I would like to thank Mr. Cui and his wife for their attention and recognition to Rheinland egger. General manager Cui is young and promising. As a post-80s generation, general manager Cui has been engaged in the general agent of a well-known kitchen appliance and cabinet brand in Gansu Province for many years, and has rich research and experience in the industry. Therefore, President Cui attaches great importance to the operation and marketing methods of the brand. In the process of looking for the brand, President Cui has made multiple comparisons and has a strong interest in Rheinland egger

Mr. Cui first visited the production base of Rheinland egger, and the first step was to understand Rheinland egger from the perspective of production. After listening to the introduction of the investment manager and seeing the substrate and production line selected by Rheinland egger products, the environmental protection and quality of Rheinland egger products have been recognized by President Cui. Then Mr. Cui went to Rheinland egger flagship store to further investigate the actual product effect and store design

after a series of inspections, President Cui recognized the culture and quality of Rheinland egger and went to the marketing center to further understand the franchise policy and marketing methods

Rheinland egger adopts the method of online and offline synchronous publicity in brand publicity, has established long-term cooperative relations with Baidu, 360, China wardrobe network, Huiya media and other media, and has invested a lot of money in anti-aircraft advertising, CCTV advertising and other aspects, first of all, to establish a good impression on the brand image

secondly, Rheinland egger provides free opening assistance to all franchised dealers and regular training. It has a sound functional system and established Rheinland egger business school. Professional lecturers help dealers win at the starting point

after talking with Mr. Gong, the marketing director of Rheinland egger, Mr. Cui was more confident in the brand of Rheinland egger and immediately decided to join the big family of Rheinland egger. Mr. Cui said that he was very confident to do a good job in Rheinland egger, build Lanzhou into a benchmark market and become a shining star in Lanzhou


the customization industry must be the general trend. The rise of the new generation of consumer groups has brought the customization industry into a golden age

Rheinland egger Lanzhou franchise store has entered the high-end shopping mall in the center of Lanzhou. A series of customized product exhibition areas will be set up in the store, including wardrobe, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, bookcase, tatami and so on, to create formaldehyde 0 realm whole house customized services for tasters

Rheinland egger is based in the southwest and faces the whole country. Now the pattern of the western region has been basically established. There are five provincial capitals in the northwest, and Rheinland egger has been stationed in four cities: Xining, Urumqi, Xi'an, Lanzhou! The overall layout of Northwest markets such as Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia has been red flags, red tassels everywhere, unstoppable

through the continuous efforts in the early stage, Rheinland egger has a complete and mature marketing and management system, a strong team and a high-quality service system, which provide a solid backing for the development of dealers. Rheinland egger brand is bringing a new wealth business opportunity, a new industry concept and a new cooperation mode to the dealers

we sincerely invite friends who are interested in or are engaged in the customization industry to join our team to create a better tomorrow

join hands with Rheinland egger to open the door of wealth

Rheinland egger to true character

true service

always pursue perfection

we insert on character service

real materials

true material

carefully select every inch of material

we choose excellent material

authentic design

true design

perfect interpretation of humanized design concept

we invest on human des Ign

serious manufacturing

true manufacturing

deeply grasp the essence of German manufacturing

we advocate Germany manufacturing spirit

Rheinland egger is worth choosing

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