How to calculate the area of house decoration

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1、 Calculation of ground area

the area of the ground is calculated according to the net area between walls, that is, the actual area multiplied by the length by the width, which does not deduct the area occupied by the partition wall, columns, piers passing through the ground and wall attached chimneys. The area of stair steps is calculated in "square meters" according to the actual expanded area, and the area occupied by stairwells with a width of less than 30cm is not deducted; The length of stair handrails and railings can be calculated by multiplying their total horizontal projection length (excluding the part in the wall) by a factor of 1.15 to "extended meter"

II. Calculation of wall area

the choice of decorative materials for walls is diverse, such as ceramic tiles, diatom mud, paint and wallpaper are common wall decorative materials. Different materials are generally used, and the method of calculating the area will be different

the area of paint, wallpaper, upholstery and wall panel is the length multiplied by the height, and the unit is "square meter". The length of house decoration is calculated according to the net length of the main wall. Height, if there is no dado, from the top of the dado to the bottom of the floor; If there is a ceiling, add 20 cm from the indoor ground (or the top of the dado) to the lower edge of the ceiling. The area of doors and windows shall be deducted, but not the skirting line, top corner line, the area of holes with a single area of less than 0.3 square meters and the area of the connection between the beam head and the wall

when inlaying stones and wall tiles, the actual paving area is calculated in "square meters". The area of the baseboard installed in the house decoration is calculated according to the perimeter of the interior wall of the room, and the unit is meter. In the calculation of the area of wall tiles, the non tiled part of windows and doors is not included

III. Calculation of top surface area

the decorative materials of the ceiling (including beams) generally include paint, ceiling, top corner line (decorative corner flower) and daylighting ceiling. The area of ceiling construction is calculated in "square meters" according to the net area between walls, excluding the area of partition walls, columns, piers and nearby chimneys passing through the ceiling. The length of the top corner line is calculated in meters according to the net perimeter of the interior wall of the house

generally, the calculation of the decoration area of the house can be carried out by actual measurement, and it can also be calculated by house type map or floor plan. When calculating, we must remember to pay attention to the details of which areas are deducted and which are not deducted. Of course, whether you need to calculate the decoration area depends on what kind of decoration mode you choose when decorating. Finally, if you have a house that needs decoration, Wuhan home decoration network can provide you with free room measurement and free supervision services. Enter the decoration bidding page of Wuhan home decoration network, and you can also get the design and quotation scheme of your house decoration for free, as well as the reduction and exemption of some decoration funds. See the activity page for details





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