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Moganshan whole house custom cabinet new products European style simple, light luxury fashion, which is your dish

it's Amway time for cabinets again ~

today we still recommend two sets of cabinets

7 Victoria

product style: simple European style

product color: SUDI Chunxiao & Ivory

product features: quiet and elegant, aestheticism

among the names of many Victorians, the designer took Victoria, the queen of England in the 18th century, who was the first to open the industrial revolution, as the inspiration to create the product performance of British style, made full use of British elements, simplified British complex lines, and expressed the simple British style of the product

Victoria is the true embodiment of aestheticism. A large number of detail modeling elements are still classic, and a large number of ivory is used as the main color to create a quiet and elegant space. In terms of functional design, it fully expresses the characteristics of closeness, specificity and storage. The three-dimensional full panel, highly decorative glazed glass, modeling top line and other elements make the whole elegant and extraordinary. The space is exquisite in shape, exquisite in segmentation, rich in layers, and the perfect combination of decorative beauty and natural beauty

8 phantom fetus

product style: modern light luxury

product color: SUDI Chunxiao & Light luxury red and white

product features: noble, light luxury, fashionable and simple

through cross-border design ideas, inspired by the gloss of the sports car body, the combination of geometry and lines is used to make it show the German style of German Seiko quality. The gloss of the sports car body paint is combined with the color value closest to the Pantone color card, and the colored glass door panel with light and shadow effect is designed

red is an enduring fashion color. Wine red has an extraordinary elegance, like mellow wine, emitting the unique fragrance of mature women. It not only has a noble temperament, but also is a versatile color. White is also a classic color, used with wine red, which can better set off the nobility of wine red. The combination of purity and brilliance is accompanied by elegance and quietness. Western style kitchen is characterized by openness, versatility and decoration. The design of L-shaped layout and zhongdaotai is built around the lifestyle of western kitchen. The products are represented by modern minimalist glass door panels, with light luxury quality, fashion and simplicity

I wonder if today's cabinet is amazing to you

fashion and simplicity,

the creation of the kitchen is also like the polishing of

works of art,

a set of good cabinet works,

is like the soul of the kitchen,

is an indispensable part of a good life

(source: Moganshan official account)





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