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2017 China electromechanical trade fair held: intelligent manufacturing became the highlight

Abstract: on November 2, "2017 China electromechanical trade fair" opened in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center. This time, nearly a thousand businesses collectively appeared at the exhibition. Among them, many "novel" intelligent manufacturing products have attracted the attention of many visitors and become a highlight of this exhibition

at present, with the further integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing is also receiving more and more attention. On November 2, "2017 China all national electromechanical trade fair" opened at Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center. This time, nearly a thousand businesses collectively appeared at the exhibition. Among them, many "novel" intelligent manufacturing products have attracted the attention of many visitors and become a highlight of this exhibition

using intelligent means to replace the previous work mode, reduce human labor and improve work efficiency is one of the benefits that intelligent manufacturing brings to enterprise production

Zhejiang tengchuang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the exhibitors. In April this year, the company put into use an intelligent automatic identification printer. "The original printer needs manual adjustment according to the thickness of the printed object, which is not only a waste of manpower, but also often not particularly accurate." Hechigao, director of Zhejiang tengchuang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., told that after the introduction of automatic identification technology, the printer can automatically adjust the thickness according to the items placed in the machine. Printing, which used to take 10 minutes, now takes only 1 minute

"because of this technology, our customer volume has increased by 20% since it was put into use." Hechigao said

the continuous popularization of intelligent manufacturing not only increases the production efficiency of enterprises, but also adds another "umbrella" to the lives of residents

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dahua") launched the rxr-m80d-dh01i fire fighting and fire detection robot in this exhibition. It is reported that the robot integrates many functions, such as long-distance fire extinguishing, heat source tracking and detection, information collection and storage, autonomous obstacle avoidance, air ground cooperative operation, on-site rescue, automatic cooling, remote diagnosis, etc., which can maximize the personal safety of fire officers and soldiers, effectively prevent accidental injuries, and meet the actual fire fighting needs under the new situation

"the above two questions are particularly important to me. This robot can replace firefighters to enter Petrochemical areas, wharves, large warehouses, flammable and explosive areas and other dangerous places for fire fighting and rescue. Rescue workers only need to remotely control and monitor outside." Jiangjingfa, product manager of Dahua fire robot, told, "In the past, when a fire broke out, firefighters were required to drag the water pipe to put out the fire. Their physical strength was limited, but after the replacement of the impact testing machine, which could not reach the experimental index at low temperature, the dragging capacity of the water pipe could be greatly increased. The large flow water cannon equipped with the machine could spray 80 liters of water in one second, which also effectively improved the fire extinguishing efficiency and helped the fire brigade improve the modernization and intelligence of fire equipment."

on the one hand, the digitalization, networking and intellectualization of the current manufacturing industry have become the main development trend, which has also brought many conveniences to production and life. On the other hand, focusing on the development of the current Electromechanical industry, behind the "intelligent" transformation of large enterprises, we can see that there are many small and medium-sized electromechanical enterprises facing the pressure of "intelligent" rising raw material and energy costs

in order to solve this problem and enable electromechanical enterprises to share and explore the experience of "intelligent" development, the Expo brought together several industry associations, nearly a thousand exhibitors, more than a thousand industrial products, as well as 2017 Hangzhou International Industrial automation and robotics exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International electrical and electrical exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou international new energy and new materials exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International CNC machine tool exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International Hardware Exhibition Seven parallel sub exhibitions, including the 2017 Hangzhou International IOT exhibition, have provided an exchange platform for many entrepreneurs

"I have come to this Expo and gained a lot." Shi Lei, the marketing director of Hangzhou Wenshang Electromechanical Industry Co., Ltd., who came to the Expo to visit and study, sighed, "in my hometown of Wenzhou, some of the electromechanical industries have backward production modes, and here I see a lot of advanced technologies, and I also want to bring these technologies back to my hometown to drive the transformation and upgrading of the industry."

in addition, on the 4th of this month, "China intelligent manufacturing electromechanical equipment Summit Forum" will also be held. At that time, the enterprises in the industry and the academic circles will gather together to discuss the intelligent development of the industry, and help electromechanical enterprises, especially small and medium-sized electromechanical enterprises, find intelligent transformation opportunities to jointly build and win-win industrial future

it is reported that the "2017 China electromechanical Trade Expo" is sponsored by China News Agency Zhejiang branch, Zhejiang Electromechanical Industry Association, electromechanical home, and co organized by the New Media Committee of Zhejiang Merchants' Federation, Zhejiang capital and industrial development alliance, etc

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