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2016 Shandong Lingong Russian good driver activity was successfully launched

2016 Shandong Lingong Russian good driver activity was successfully launched

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following the successful overseas holding of Shandong Lingong good driver activity in Thailand in 2015, which has achieved a wide social impact, 2016 Shandong Lingong overseas good driver activity entered Russia, and its first stop was held in Irkutsk, a city near the beautiful Baikal Lake, on September 8

introduction to the Irkutsk stand up driver activity

in 2016, Russia was still in the haze of economic crisis. Although the market situation was still depressed, Shandong temporary workers did not forget this "old friend" and held overseas good driver activities in Russia. The next activities will be held in Yekaterinburg, Moscow and other places, covering the three major regions of Eastern, central and western Russia, The activity provided free skill training and assessment for operators, improved the operation level of local construction machinery, and spread the positive energy of Chinese drivers locally

group photo of the participants in the "good driver" activity At the ceremony of adjusting the level of the pendulum impact testing machine after one year of use, the representatives of Shandong temporary workers and the Russian local dealer RBA introduced to the guests that the Shandong temporary workers' research group has successfully applied for 21 patents and the development process of RBA in Russia, and explained the purpose of good drivers' activities to practice the society and transmit positive energy. More than 30 companies and 20 drivers participated in the event. In fact, after fierce competition, from ОАО МАДЕРА Ivan of the company finally won the championship of this site

issue certificates to the winning students (I)

issue certificates to the winning students (II)

the successful holding of the activity also won new development opportunities for Shandong Lingong and RBA agents. On the day of the event, the customer test drove the loader on site, praised the products of Shandong Lingong, and signed 5 orders on site, including 3 new loaders of Shandong Lingong. Our company's experimental machine technology is very advanced. The customer had a new understanding of Shandong temporary work products, and highly praised the free skill training of good driver activities

after years of development, Shandong Lingong has been widely recognized by local customers with high-quality products and services, and has maintained the first leading position in the Russian market all the year round. With the gradual development of the "good driver" activity overseas, Shandong Lingong provides engineering machinery solutions for local customers, and is also actively practicing the society and providing more customer care

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