The most popular 2015 Spring Festival Gala of Vali

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On the afternoon of January 31, 2015, the 2015 Spring Festival Gala of Valin Xingma group with the theme of "youth imagination and realizing Valin Xingma dream" was held successfully in the South District Valin general assembly workshop; PETG is highly transparent. More than 500 leaders of the group company, heads of branches and employee representatives gathered together to renew friendship and celebrate the new year

at the party, zhouxuefeng, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the group, delivered a passionate new year congratulation. On behalf of the leadership, he thanked all the employees for their efforts in the company's work over the past year, paid high tribute to the front-line employees who insisted on sales and production posts, compact structure: modular interface design, and expressed heartfelt thanks and sincere wishes to the family members who supported the work of the employees through the employees

the whole party began with a song of "go home for the new year". At the party, the wonderful programs compiled and performed by the employees themselves and the lottery activities interspersed in the programs let everyone relax and fully enjoy the joy of the festival. 13 programs, including the adapted song "Jingzhong Valin", the satirical and humorous sketch "going home for the new year", the Chinese style playing "blue and white porcelain", the score poem reciting "flying the Chinese dream", and the youth dance "Jiangnan", reached a climax. 2. The existence value of the spring fatigue testing machine was wonderful, and the party was full of applause and laughter. Beautiful songs and beautiful dances pushed the party to a climax

the whole Party lasted more than 2 hours. Everyone expressed their sincere greetings and blessings to all Valin Xingma people with beautiful dances and loud songs, which fully demonstrated the happy, active and versatile side of the employees. The party ended with the music of our dreams

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