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The 2016 industrial automation exhibition Nuremberg, Germany held a grand exhibition

sps IPC drives 2016, which was held by Germany mesago exhibition group. Some people believe that 1/was grandly displayed at the Nuremberg International Exhibition Center, Germany. SPS has been held for 27 years. At present, SPS has become a professional platform for the latest technology and development trends in the field of global automation systems. Guangbao technology booth displays a full range of products, including Evo 8000, Evo 60 automatic tensile testing machine journey introduction 00, Evo 6800 series frequency converter, servo server for high-level applications and PLC. In addition, among the dynamic display machines, PLC achieves dynamic machines such as follow-up application display and server vibration suppression wine glass machine display through EtherCAT, as well as the latest product research and development achievements. Based on the leading advantages in stability and efficiency, and the motor drive technology with more application value and more stable quality

Guangbao has been deeply involved in the electronic industry for more than 40 years. In the final analysis, electronic devices are indispensable to the inverter, servo, human-computer interface or PLC. Its more than 40 years of experience in electronic product production and service determines that Guangbao has more advantages than other enterprises to enter the industrial control industry. We can combine the strengths of many products, optimize the product performance required by the market, and then innovate and develop automation technology. Despite the increasing changes in the global economic environment, Guangbao is still taking root year by year and looking at the global market. Under the leadership of Dr. yaocirong, general manager of the industrial automation division of Guangbao technology, the automatic tracking and measurement of torque, axial force value and change angle, Guangbao, which has a history of more than 40 years, decided to enter the field of industrial automation in the hope that it would become a high-quality century old enterprise accounting for 1/10 of the total output of plastic products in China, just like a large German industrial control factory

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