The tide of intelligent manufacturing swept across

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The tide of intelligent manufacturing has swept across the country, and many places have issued policies to promote

to promote the transformation of manufacturing in China from big to strong, and local governments are taking positive actions. Recently, Jiangsu, Hunan and other places have successively introduced policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing

the focus of local government initiatives is mainly on supporting the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing demonstration areas and the development of big data industry

in terms of the construction of demonstration areas, the implementation plan for the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing demonstration areas (Trial) recently released by Jiangsu Province proposes that by 2020, the province will cultivate and build about 10 provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration areas, which will become the county and district demonstration benchmark leading the development of intelligent manufacturing in the province. At the same time, it will give preferential policy support to the construction of key enterprises and key projects in the demonstration areas

this method is mainly used for the manufacturing of various packaging containers and tubular membranes. The three-year action plan for the development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection in Kaifeng (2018-2020) released this month for testing material structures or composite materials proposes that five intelligent manufacturing benchmark projects will be built through pilot demonstration in 2020; Cultivate industrial interconnection platforms in 1 and 2 subdivided fields

Kaifeng City proposed to give a one-time reward of 1 million yuan to enterprises that have won the national pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection; For the comprehensive industrial interconnection platform included in the list of key cultivation in the city, 200 yuan will be awarded and supplemented. The following schemes are some energy-saving measures that have been used in the development and development of experimental machines, 10000 yuan; At the same time, financial institutions are encouraged to provide financial support to intelligent transformation and high-quality enterprises

with regard to the development of big data industry, Hunan Province proposed in the "several opinions on Further Encouraging the development of mobile Internet industry" to encourage manufacturing enterprises to establish new specialized enterprises in joint ventures with mobile Internet and big data enterprises, and the government can give up to 2 million yuan of financial subsidies. Enterprises in line with the key development direction of mobile Internet and big data industry can be given a maximum of 10 million yuan

Liu Guiping, vice mayor of Chongqing, said recently that Chongqing is vigorously implementing the innovation driven development strategic action plan led by big data intelligence to build a New Trinity development pattern of intelligent industry, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent application

as of August this year, Chongqing has promoted more than 200 enterprises to implement intelligent transformation. After the transformation, the production efficiency of relevant enterprises increased by 32.7%, the product R & D cycle shortened by 12.5% and the energy utilization rate increased by 8.4%

insiders believe that the aging population, rising labor costs and improving enterprise production efficiency are the internal driving forces of intelligent manufacturing. Improving the automation and informatization level of manufacturing industry is an important direction for the development of manufacturing industry in China. Local governments give strong policy support from all angles, which will effectively promote intelligent manufacturing to become one of the most growing fields in the future


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