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House decoration Feng Shui is related to the wealth, career and health of our family, so how to decorate the house Feng Shui is good? What do we need to pay special attention to? The following is about the feng shui of house decoration. Follow me to have a look!)

house decoration Feng Shui

house location Feng Shui

there are several basic points in house location. First of all, you should live high and live in the south, avoid facing north or northeast, because the air in the south is good and the air in the north is poor, so the orientation may affect the home environment. Secondly, there should be trees next to Zhou mibian. Because there are plants, people will be more comfortable to live. Trees can also reduce noise and give people a sense of peace. Of course, there should not be too many trees, so as not to hinder the flow of indoor sunlight and gas

house decoration Feng Shui

in the process of decoration, the first thing to pay attention to is the problem of seeing light in the house. Less light in the house not only affects the health of the home, but also causes contradictions between husband and wife, which is also detrimental to wealth. In addition, there are the following knowledge points about house decoration Feng Shui:

1. Toilet decoration Feng Shui

when the toilet is decorated, the door is not suitable for facing the kitchen. As the saying goes, water does not leave money. If the bathroom and kitchen are door-to-door, a pattern of "water supply" through "water supply" will be formed, which is detrimental to money

2. Kitchen decoration Feng Shui

kitchen decoration should be auspicious. This is the basic principle of kitchen decoration, which is conducive to the health of family members and the harmonious relationship between husband and wife. In terms of kitchen decoration, we must put it in a fixed and accurate position. The washing machine cannot be placed in the kitchen, nor can we wash clothes in the kitchen, because the kitchen is where the kitchen king is, and the sacred place. Cleaning dirty clothes will affect fate

3. Bedroom decoration Feng Shui

in the process of bedroom decoration, it should be noted that the bedroom door cannot face the mirror. Otherwise, it may lead to disharmony and mental weakness of the host couple. At the same time, the bedroom door cannot be facing the head of the bed to prevent neuralgia and headache. The head of the bed cannot lean against the bathroom wall to prevent back pain and rheumatic pain. Beds are not suitable to be placed under beams and columns to prevent nervousness

4. Study decoration Feng Shui

there are four pages in total. The first page is 1234. The next page is to choose a prosperous place at home. The bookcase in the study should not be too high, and the desk should not be oppressed. The desk should not be placed under the beam. At the same time, the light in the study should not be too strong, the electrical appliances are not easy to be too much, and the portraits are not easy to be too much, so as not to make people insane

5. Wedding room decoration Feng Shui

wedding room decoration is the first step for many newlyweds to pursue a happy life. In the process of wedding room decoration, the first thing is to choose a auspicious day for decoration to avoid future troubles. On the wall decoration of the wedding room, it is not easy to put travel photos on the wall, so as to prevent the loss of spring and bad luck. And the wedding gifts are uncomfortable. If they are placed in the wedding room, it will be bad for the new couple. In addition, when decorating and placing plants in the wedding room of the new couple, the one with large leaves should be selected, and the one with sharp leaves should be avoided. There is also a new bedroom can not be placed in the aquarium


what are the taboos of house Feng Shui? Let's start with the door. First of all, don't open the door of the house and see the stove. When you see the stove at the entrance, anger will rush people, which will make wealth and gas unable to enter. Secondly, do not open the door to the toilet. As soon as you enter the door, you will see the toilet, such as filthy welcome. Moreover, the entrance door is facing the master's bedroom, which will make the master more dangerous and is not conducive to gathering wealth

in terms of Feng Shui taboos of the house, the bedside is not easy to be empty. The bed is suitable to be placed in the corner of the bedroom, and the more sides against the wall, the more suitable, because the corner of the room is inclined to the door, which is the place where the wind and gas can be stored in the house, which is conducive to the owner's career and wealth

it is not suitable to put your seat back against the window at home, which is a bad seat placement. At the same time, the seats should be placed on the back of the mountain, that is, on the wall, and there should not be too much space between the seats and the wall. Without backing, it will bring the impact of miscellaneous Qi to people

analysis of feng shui knowledge of home decoration

I. residential choice of Feng Shui of home decoration

1. It is not suitable to be windy and cannot hide wind and gather gas

2. Sunny and fresh air

3. The center of the house should not be polluted, such as building toilets or accumulating dirt

4. It is not suitable to rush directly into the streets and alleys. A good residence "likes turning around and avoids rushing directly"

5. The terrain should be flat, preferably not on the slope

6. It is not suitable to reverse the bow on the street

7. Avoid killing evil spirits

8. Not suitable for chimney

9. It is not suitable to be in front of Yamen and behind the temple

2. The relationship between the floors of home decoration Feng Shui and the five elements

1. The first floor and the sixth floor belong to the north, belong to water, and are suitable for the zodiac: rat, tiger, rabbit, pig

2. The second and seventh floors belong to the South and belong to fire. They are suitable for the zodiac: cattle, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep and dogs

there are 4 pages in total. The first page is 1234. The third, third and eighth floors belong to the East and belong to wood. They are suitable for the zodiac: tiger, rabbit, snake and horse

4, the fourth floor and the ninth floor belong to the West and belong to gold. They are suitable for the zodiac: rat, monkey, chicken and pig

5, the fifth floor and the tenth floor belong to the center and belong to the earth. They are suitable for the zodiac: cattle, dragons, sheep, monkeys and dogs

III. bed taboo of home decoration Feng Shui

1. Don't go west

2. It is not suitable to press the top with beams

3. It should not be too close to the window

4. Do not face the mirror directly

5. The door should not be aligned

IV. kitchen taboo of home decoration Feng Shui

1. Kitchen taboo back home reverse

2. Do not rush through the door

3. Avoid kitchen door to kitchen

4. Avoid being opposite to the toilet

5. It is not suitable to be close to the bedroom

6. The kitchen should not be empty behind

7. Avoid being opposite to the door

8. Do not install it on the waterway

9. Do not press the top of the beam

10. It is not suitable for oblique sun irradiation

11. Do not shoot at sharp corners

12. Avoid conflict between fire and water

v. precautions for toilet of home decoration Feng Shui

1. It should not be opened in the southwest or northeast

2. It should not be opened in the center of the house

3. It is not suitable to drive in the south

4. It is better to press on the evil side than on the auspicious side

5. The toilet should be hidden

6. The bathroom should not be changed into a bedroom

7. The bathroom should always be kept clean

8. The bathroom should be ventilated

there are four pages in total, the first page 1234 the next page

buildings are the most common kind of houses now, which is a manifestation of social and economic development and the improvement of people's living standards. However, as people live higher and higher, they pay less and less attention to house Feng Shui, because people feel that if they live higher, there are fewer places that house Feng Shui needs to pay attention to

but is this really the case? Of course not. According to feng shui theory of Xiang'an Pavilion Feng Shui network, there is a certain Feng Shui energy in everything, so whether you live high or low, you will be affected by Feng Shui. So here we come to talk with you about this kind of high-rise housing Feng Shui

what are the highlights of Feng Shui in high-rise buildings

first of all, when choosing a building, you need to focus on the surrounding environment of the building, because the surrounding environment is likely to directly affect the feng shui of a building. The feng shui of the whole building is bad. Can you live in your own Feng Shui? In geomantic omen, we pay attention to "gathering gas and storing wind", so generally good buildings should have a gentle breeze coming out, and the ventilation conditions are better, so the geomantic omen of such buildings will be better

secondly, if you live high, you will have good luck, so you also need to pay attention to the problem of internal luck. Generally, the geomantic omen of houses with high Yang is better, so we should pay attention to the lighting of the house. The Yang in the sun is more abundant, so the better the lighting is, the more helpful it is for the luck of our family

finally, we should pay attention to the layout of some rooms in the house, such as the door of the toilet and bedroom cannot be opposite. These are the key contents that we must pay attention to in the geomancy of the house, otherwise it is easy to damage the geomancy of the house

in addition, the number of floors, house number, elevator location, etc. are all Feng Shui problems that need attention in high-rise housing, because these usually affect the Feng Shui situation of the house. Paying more attention to them will be helpful to you

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