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In the customized wealth market in 2018, the wind is getting stronger and stronger, and a strong wind from pinai customization is blowing across the country through the wind. In March, the Canton Fair, Shantou, Jiangmen investment promotion meeting in April, pinai customized brands are speeding up their enrollment. If you don't squeeze into the March and April fortune trains, there will be a pinai customized special plane directly to the palace of fortune - China Foshan pinai headquarters investment promotion meeting on May 22. A wealth summit only customized by pinai is about to kick off. We are waiting for you at pinai headquarters

since its birth in 2008, pinai home has gone through a 10-year process. The brand scale has expanded from the initial export trade to today's more than 300 pinai whole house customized brand stores, which are located in many provinces and municipalities across the country, and branches have also been established in Malaysia and Bangkok abroad. For a high-quality customized home furnishing brand that pursues excellence, is committed to having high popularity and reputation in the target market, pinai is creating its economic value and social value every day

2018 is a year of rapid development for pinai customization. First, the pinai exhibition hall was upgraded. Elegant exhibition hall is about to appear, and the rate of entering the store. The length of stay in the store and the trading volume doubled. Second, eight new products of the whole house customization series are about to be launched, setting off a new trend of fashion and personalized customization. Third, the factory successfully expanded and introduced fully automated production equipment, doubling the production speed. Fourth, strengthen the promotion, cooperate with many famous media, and enhance the brand awareness. In addition, there is another big event that caused a sensation in the capital --- pinai successfully signed Wang Yan as brand ambassador

why join pinai whole house customization? We can simply sum up the following points:

do you want to board the space shuttle with the rapid development of pinai customization? On May 22, we are waiting for you at pinai headquarters! The plane carrying customized dreams is about to set sail. Come and get a direct ticket to fortune entrance




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