Toilet Feng Shui taboo improper decoration causes

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The bath toilet cannot be set in the center of the apartment. According to the location of Luoshu, the center belongs to soil, while the bath toilet belongs to water. If the bath toilet belonging to water is set in the center of soil, the problem of soil blocking water will occur. The bathroom is located in the center of the apartment, and the water supply and drainage may pass through other rooms, which is very difficult to maintain. If the sewage pipe also passes through other rooms, it will be even more annoying

a toilet with sores. According to the principle of traditional Chinese family economics, the direction of the toilet cannot be consistent with the direction of the condominium. For example, the direction of the door of the condominium faces south, so when people sit on the toilet, if their face also faces south, they will violate the taboo that the toilet and the condominium are in the same direction. It is said that it is easy to cause family members to have acne. Of course, I didn't carefully investigate the situation of residents' acne in the actual survey, but I still can avoid it

water and fire intolerable toilet. Many schools of geomantic omen believe that the bathroom should not be located in the south of the house. In fact, this is also related to the location of the eight trigrams. The south is the separation trigram, and the five elements belong to fire, while the bathroom five elements belong to water. Setting the bathroom belonging to water in the south of fire is the bathroom restraining the fire. For example, the eight character Chong Ke of the same person is too old, so it is also unlucky

closed toilet affecting health. Some residential bathrooms are totally enclosed, with no windows, only exhaust fans, and the exhaust fans are not often opened. According to the view of genealogy, there must be windows in the bathroom. It is best to have sufficient sunshine and air circulation. The reason is very simple, so that the turbid gas in the bathroom can be easily discharged and the air can be kept fresh. If it is completely closed and lacks ventilation equipment, it is definitely detrimental to the health of the family. Using some air fresheners will only change the taste of the air and will not improve the quality of the air

bathrooms of great evil. Many geomantic classics mention that bathrooms should not be located in the southwest or northeast. They think that bathrooms are located in these two places, which are the main evil, but they can't say a reason, which makes ordinary people confused. In fact, this is determined by the hexagram phase of the eight trigrams. The northeast is the gen hexagram, and the southwest is the Kun hexagram. Their nature belongs to soil, while the hexagram phase of the bathroom toilet is water. Setting the bathroom toilet belonging to water in the Gen and Kun sides of the soil will produce the adverse image of soil conquering water, so it is determined as a great evil. As for the orientation determination of the bathroom, the rules are quite complicated. Please refer to the column of house selection rules of the eight House School

in addition to the north and northeast directions, the toilets in the southwest are also dangerous. If you want to move, you can only move from the west to the northwest. The south is the location of lighting. If the toilet occupies this location, it may affect luck. Western toilets are not very good, but as long as there is no one born in your birthday or married girls living, there is no need to worry




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