How to carry out house decoration acceptance

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How to carry out house decoration acceptance

after the completion of housing decoration, acceptance is essential. The owner carries out the decoration acceptance of the project. The decoration standard is the decoration contract, the decoration construction drawings signed by the owner and the relevant documents of the quality inspection of the decoration project by the relevant national departments. The decoration acceptance is mainly carried out from the following aspects:

furniture acceptance: the lines are smooth, the sealing line, corner line and panel interface are dense and smooth, the door cabinet drawer is pushed and pulled smoothly, and the handle is symmetrical and beautiful

power line acceptance: the circuit laying should comply with the construction regulations and safety standards, the socket should be no less than 30 cm from the ground, the three wire socket ground wire, the kitchen and air conditioning lines should be laid in a special line, the main gate should be installed with an anti leakage switch, and the lamps should be installed firmly

door and window acceptance: it can be opened and closed freely, and the door frame, window frame and glass perimeter are well sealed

ground acceptance: the floor tiles are flat, the texture is clear, the color is uniform, the cross hairs are horizontal and vertical, the floor is paved stably, the joints are even and straight, and the paint color is consistent without scratches

wall acceptance: the wallpaper is firmly pasted, the joints are tight, the patterns are complete, the patterns are consistent, the edge seams are neat and free of burrs, and the paint is uniform and flat, without concave convex feeling, color difference and ash falling

acceptance of water supply and drainage facilities: the water supply pipe has no leakage, and the opening and closing valves operate well; The drainage is smooth without leakage and ponding

paint acceptance: the paint surface is smooth, feels good, has enough oil, and is free of nail holes, scanning marks, burrs and color differences





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