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Gradually entering summer, the climate is getting hotter and wetter, and the wood contains a lot of water. Once the water evaporates after the dry season, it will dry and crack, so the wood must be moisture-proof before decoration in summer. The surface of wood products can be painted with moisture-proof paint, and those requiring anti-corrosion treatment should also be painted with primer. When buying wooden keel, you must choose one with better dryness. Because the wooden keel is generally used as a frame ceiling and hidden inside the shape, if the wooden keel has high water content and is not ventilated, it will be deformed, moldy, or even rotten in the future

before paving floor tiles and wall tiles, the finish bottom layer cannot be too dry. Generally, before treatment, water should be poured first to allow it to absorb for about half an hour, and then cement mortar should be used to ensure firm bonding. As the materials are drier than usual, for floor tiles, ceramic tiles and other materials that need soaking treatment, the soaking treatment time should be extended to make them fully close to the saturated state. In this way, hollowing and falling off can be avoided when bonding with cement

it is humid in summer, and problems such as slow drying of latex paint, mildew and taste change will be encountered during the decoration process. Therefore, the drying treatment of the base putty must be done first. The wall must be puttying for more than three times before painting. After each puttying, there should be sufficient drying time, and the environment should be well ventilated to minimize indoor moisture. If you repeatedly apply putty or paint when the putty is not completely dry, too much moisture will be locked, and in the long run, the wall will appear "sweating" phenomenon, and even lead to large-area cracking

pay attention to the influence of high temperature on details when decorating in summer. For example, when paving stones on the windowsill, the construction team is required to apply more glue at the junction of stones and window frames to avoid water ingress due to loose sealing after cold shrinkage in the future. When using plastic steel doors and windows when the developer delivers the house, special attention should be paid to the thermal expansion and cold contraction of plastic steel

at the same time, summer is a peak period of indoor air pollution. The increase of temperature and humidity will lead to the increase of harmful gas release. Indoor air pollution detection in summer will be about 20% higher than that in other seasons. Therefore, after decoration in summer, the air conditioner should not be turned on greatly, and the indoor air circulation should be maintained, so that harmful substances can be distributed in time. At the same time, choose appropriate plants to absorb harmful substances, so that the joy of housewarming will come as soon as possible. Huoli




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