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Mining machinery crushers see the strength of crusher enterprises

mining machinery crushers see who can achieve technological breakthrough in advance to realize energy saving and consumption reduction in the process of non-ferrous metal electrowinning crusher enterprise strength

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Guide: recall the development history of crushers, mainly including jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, Hammer Crushers, ultra-fine crushers, internal channel crushers Counter roll crusher, impact crusher, etc. There are many kinds of crushers, so their names are different. Vertical crushers (the main shaft is vertical...

recall the development history of crushers, mainly including jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, Hammer Crushers, ultra-fine crushers, inner channel crushers, counter roll crushers, impact crushers, etc. there are many kinds of crushers, so they are called differently. Vertical crushers (the main shaft is vertical) Since its introduction in the 1980s, it has become a popular crusher product that replaces grinding with breaking. As a fine crusher, the average discharge particle size is ≤ 3 ~ 4mm, and 90% is fine powder, which reduces the feed particle size of the ball mill and increases the output by 20% ~ 30%. After more than 20 years of development and evolution, the vertical crusher has evolved from the first generation to the fifth generation, from single impact crushing to impact impact crushing. The service life of the hammer is more than 4 times longer than that of the old crusher. The vertical shaft impact crusher, the representative product of the vertical crusher, is widely used in the fine crushing projects of iron ore, gold mine, cement, glass, ceramics, electric power and steel industries

mining machinery is an equipment with high technical content and integration. With the growth of automobile production and sales, the development of new equipment continues to integrate the tensile strength of human achievements in various fields. With the progress of material science, manufacturing technology, information technology and computer technology, new technologies are injected into each round of products, the renewal cycle of parts is shorter and shorter, and the replacement of new equipment is faster and faster, Especially for large mining machinery Displacement speed control range: 0.1mm/min ~ 300mm/min, no mature experience can be used for reference, and no mistakes are allowed in the design. Therefore, the integration of multi-disciplinary technology must be used to improve the design efficiency and quality, and enhance the enterprise's independent innovation ability and market competitiveness

it can be seen that the manufacturing level of mining machinery is enough to show the strength of an enterprise. In the future, mining machinery will form a digital development trend based on the integration of computer technology and network technology

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