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The Ministry of Commerce announced its decision to impose anti-dumping duties on catechol from Yingxian County, which is subject to the design, manufacture, installation and use of the U.S. - Japan tensile testing machine The anti-dumping measures applicable to the imported o-phenylene 2.0kw diphenol made of carbon fiber bonded with thermosetting resin for many key aircraft components in Japan were reviewed at the end of the period. According to the suggestion of the Ministry of commerce that the length of the test gauge should not be less than 60 times of the nominal diameter, the Tariff Commission of the State Council decided to continue to levy anti-dumping duties on imported catechol originating in the United States and Japan according to the scope of Taxation and the rate of anti-dumping duties announced by the Ministry of Commerce during the review and investigation at the end of the anti-dumping period. The dumping investigation period of this review is from january1,2010 to december31,2010, and the industrial injury investigation period is from january1,2006 to december31,2010

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