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In this era of mobile Internet, the wireless network is not only connecting the palm of the hand, but also making a significant change in people's learning methods. It has become a new learning habit to learn, process and transfer knowledge anytime, anywhere. At this moment, in the campus of Sun Yat sen University, an operational and high-quality wireless network is showing its value. It provides teachers and students with high-quality wireless access services of various mobile terminals, and makes more innovative teaching integrated into the learning life of the smart campus

Sun Yat sen University

a century old famous university ushers in the baptism of Internet + education

Sun Yat sen University, founded by Dr. Sun Yat Sen, has a long history of more than 100 years. It is a key university under the National 985 project and 211 project. Sun Yat sen University has established a large-scale campus, covering 4 campuses, with 74213 network information points, ranking among the top campuses in China

online learning platform of Sun Yat sen University

with the continuous integration of teaching and information technology, educational forms have also obtained diversified development. The planning of innovative teaching platform of Sun Yat sen University has also surfaced, including MOOC (MOOC: new media literacy, introduction to GIS, medical statistics, etc.), e-learning (mobile learning platform), and the establishment of any time Innovative learning models anywhere. Under the requirements of the new teaching form, Sun Yat sen University hopes to build the students' dormitory in the east area of the south campus into an operational and high-quality wireless network, and provide various mobile terminal wireless access services for teachers and students, so as to integrate a variety of innovative teaching into the learning life of the smart campus

just like the introduction on the digital learning platform of Sun Yat sen University: network is everywhere, anytime and anywhere. How to build a high-quality network that meets this requirement

Ruijie zhifen + Ruijie network customized for college dormitories

which has served in the field of educational informatization for many years, has provided the latest generation of zhifen + wireless network solutions for Sun Yat sen University. The multi-level distributed architecture adopted by Ruijie zhifen + not only surpasses the deployment of traditional AP with ten times of performance, but also greatly improves the reliability and signal strength of the system by completely separating the host from the RF module (micro AP), fully meeting the scenarios of small bay, high density and multiple partitions in University dormitories

Ruijie's new generation wireless network solution - zhifen +

there are 32 buildings and 4650 dormitory rooms in the east area of the South Campus of Sun Yat sen University. Ruijie deploys zhifen + micro AP (rg-map552) and main AP (rg-am5528) according to the specific number of dormitories in each building. The main AP is connected to the building switch, and each building switch is connected to the convergence switch through Gigabit single-mode optical fiber. Among them, the convergence gateway integrates a high-performance wireless controller board (rg-m18000-ws-ed), which is responsible for unified management of all APS

create a powerful metering pump to ensure that the molten body can be squeezed into the machine head easily under constant pressure. The green dormitory

zhifen + not only solves the wireless signal quality problem caused by multiple partitions and corners in the dormitory of Sun Yat sen University, but also conforms to the University's operational concept in application and management, and comprehensively improves the experience of teachers and students

first of all, aiming at the students' needs to access the learning platform and watch high-definition videos anytime and anywhere, the smart score + scheme easily coped with the test of large traffic. Zhifen + main AP (rg-am5528) supports up to 24 802.11ac incoming RFs with dual channels, dual frequencies and dual streams, providing each dormitory with a maximum access rate of 300mbps (2.4G loading speed is not adjustable) and 867mbps (5g). In the field test, the throughput of a single dormitory has reached 600mbps. The longer the time is, the more important the maintenance is! In this chapter, we have learned about several problems that need to be paid attention to for the pendulum impact testing machine, which meets the needs of tens of thousands of teachers and students for mobile learning services with multiple people, multiple terminals, heavy load and

secondly, in the smart sub + system, the main AP and the micro AP RF module belong to one AP in terms of management. The micro AP does not need separate management, software upgrade, distribution configuration, wireless controller license and IP address resources, and the POE switch is also omitted. The wireless deployment of the 4650 dormitories in the east area of the south campus only needs to manage 255 APS, which is 94% less than the traditional scheme. After the micro AP is powered on, the configuration is distributed by zhifen + host. If the micro AP needs to be replaced, supplemented, moved and replaced, it is plug and play and does not need to be configured. The wireless management is extremely simple through scenario scheme innovation

the dormitory network of Sun Yat sen University has a large scale and a large number of equipment. In addition to the operation and maintenance problems, the power consumption of such large-scale hardware equipment is worth considering. Compared with the traditional scheme, Ruijie zhifen + adopted in this project can save 50% energy for the main AP, 33% energy for the micro AP in the room and more than 40% comprehensive energy. Through calculation, 13680 kilowatt hours of electricity can be saved every month, about reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from burning 4.6 tons of electric coal, so as to better fulfill the social responsibility of Sun Yat sen University

one click optimized smart wireless campus

there is a big difference between operation and operation. ZhaoQiong, a teacher from the network and information technology center of Sun Yat sen University, said that the biggest difference between wireless network and wired network is that wired network can be used immediately after deployment and reach the best state, while wireless network can reach a better state only after entering an optimization process. Wireless optimization has always been a difficult problem for us, including troubleshooting, optimization parameter verification and related operation conditions, which are difficult to be clear, specific and justified

Sun Yat sen University deploys Ruijie wis wireless intelligent service system

to solve the problem of dormitory operation visualization, Sun Yat sen University introduces Ruijie's unique wireless intelligent service (WIS) and deploys three modules: intelligent tools, problem identification system and experience visual platform. For administrators, Wis can not only optimize the basic network with one click, solve the problems including power adjustment and channel selection, but also eliminate the problems such as roaming stickiness, remote Association, non optimal frequency band access, frequent roaming, etc. it can also provide in-depth support for online learning and video conferencing, and visually check whether there are problems such as video dropping and jamming at the user end by using the visual experience platform

the combination of Ruijie zhifen + and wis system creates the most intelligent wireless network with the construction cost far lower than that of traditional solutions. Its wireless automation, intelligence, fault intelligent diagnosis and self-healing functions have been fully recognized by the school. The leader of the network center said: after the wireless coverage of the student dormitory in the east area of the South Campus of Sun Yat sen University is completed, it brings the ultimate experience of wireless network to teachers and students, provides great support for innovative teaching, and is an important foundation for the future development of the smart campus of Sun Yat sen University

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